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Your Aesthetic Edit - $495


Once you reach out, we will have a brief phone chat to discuss your starting point and your goals, then schedule an appointment at your convenience and location of your choice (most likely, your home).


Next you will complete a detailed personal questionnaire to prepare for your consultation and help Your Aesthetic Edit get to know more about your skin and understand your needs. This is my chance to research your history and better grasp your desired outcomes before we connect in person.


Your session is all about you, and it’s your opportunity to ask questions about products, procedures, and treatments. We will address all your beauty concerns and sort through your product stash, possibly eliminating the unnecessary and making a shopping list of any essentials you may need. Expect this process to take approximately 2 hours of face-to-face time with me before I get to work preparing your final edit behind-the-scenes.


After your appointment, I will develop a personalized plan of action for your skin. I will deliver your personal edit with easy-to-follow AM and PM instructions that incorporate products you already own and any you may need to round out your routine.

Need extra time? If you have a beauty stockpile that rivals a Sephora store and need to book more time than a two-hour Edit, don't stress! We can arrange for an extra hour (or three!) if you need it. Each additional hour is $100. 

The Mini Edit - $295

For the busy, the beauty savvy or those who just want a seasonal spruce up, this is an abbreviated and efficient face-to-face of the Your Aesthetic Edit mentioned above, to refine your routine, replace and purge products and answer your most pressing questions—on the spot.


Expect this process to take approximately 1 hour of face-to-face time with me before I get to work preparing your final edit behind-the-scenes.

Need extra time?  If your edit goes beyond the allotted hour, each additional hour is $100.

Personal Shopping - $150


I will personally shop to fill the gaps in your product regimens and help facilitate treatment appointments with reputable and personally vetted aesthetic providers. All products will be delivered to your home!


Makeup Lesson - $150 an hour with a 2-hour minimum


I will come to you for a dedicated one-on-one lesson in applying your makeup to enhance your features and maximize your tools and time. We will go step-by-step, from priming and concealing to flawless foundation and color application for day and night. Two hours is the ideal amount of time to cover both an everyday and evening look, but we may need additional time if you would like to explore more elevated or intricate applications. We will use your products and brushes, but I'll also bring along my makeup kit to supplement and make recommendations as needed.


For other services not listed, please call 713-822-3812, or email for pricing.

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