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"Sarah’s greatest attribute is her ability to speak to anyone, anywhere, in any situation."

Dawn Blevins                                       SkinCeuticals, Business Development Manager



SkinCeuticals, Business Development Manager

"Sarah’s greatest attribute is her ability to speak to anyone, anywhere, in any situation. She’s truly never met a stranger, and she’s able to carry on conversations with all walks of life. This quality has continued to enable her to create genuine, lasting relationships. These relationships are led by an unwavering moral compass, directly from the heart. Not only personally, but professionally, always instilling trust in whomever she’s working with. Offering a trustworthy, genuine experience in a time where trust is so hard to come by. Sarah’s ability to empathize gives her the ability to navigate situations, whether positive or negative, in a way that offers a solution-oriented mindset. These personal qualities allow her to build a framework from a solid foundation. She’s passionate, a problem solver and a natural educator! I personally don’t see what could be more valuable than being honest, trustworthy and caring!"

Dawn Blevins 

"Over the years I have come to Sarah for honest, and sometimes tough advice, but she always delivers with a compassionate heart. This doesn’t just apply to what I’m sure are amateur beauty/makeup questions, but just about life in general. She has always provided a safe space for me to ask questions and get open and honest feedback about all things. Her personality brings out the best in others, making those close to her feel special – from small compliments to the most thoughtful gifts! Life has been better with Sarah in it. It’s refreshing to be around someone that shares the reality of life’s ups and downs. It’s also so comforting to be around someone that doesn’t pretend everything is perfect, all the time, because we all know life isn’t like that. There are so few people that are as open and honest as her (especially beautiful people that everyone assumes have ‘perfect’ lives). Sarah offers substantial value to me and others because she has taken a lifetime of knowledge in beauty and helped so many apply it without the limits of brands or a single in-office treatment. She’s always been able to share what worked for her and where she’s seen good results in other clients. I come to her seeking recommendations for the best products, procedures and professionals; so I know that she can save the rest of the world from getting lost in an internet wormhole of product endorsements. My knowledge is in HVAC, I don’t have time to devote 40hrs researching which makeup brushes are the best and seriously why are there so many shapes?!"

Service Director, Powers of Louisiana

Adrienne Zlatkiss  

"I have known Sarah for many years; she is genuine, warm, and empathetic and has a wonderful ability to listen to others and be present in conversations/interactions. This gives a sense of respect, ease and makes people comfortable while establishing trust. She is knowledgeable about all things, beauty – she knows her stuff! And she is able, to explain things from her industry to a non-industry person, so that they can understand. That is a real talent! Sarah’s sense of humor is amazing too – of course, she has gravitas and is professional, but her sense of humor is one of my favorite things about her."

Laura Corrigan 

South Central Regional Manager, Wilson Daniels

"I think that Sarah’s vulnerability is one of her best qualities; societal expectations around aging are so hard on women these days! Sarah is relatable, genuine, and willing to open-up about her own insecurities. She also has the gift of connection – connecting people to certain aesthetic services and products, also connecting people in general. She has always built and maintained strong relationships and she is FUNNY; her humor is a fantastic quality!"

RN, Medical Center Endoscopy

Shelley Collins

"Sarah always brings levity to any situation. Her positive attitude, in just about everything she does lights her way and encourages others to have a light and bright attitude. She takes things in stride with a great attitude and without complaint. I feel like in our conversations, she’s always great at assessing the situation, taking stock, and then making good suggestions on how to get the best outcome. She is so approachable and trustworthy; I feel like people are drawn to her and her aura – they want to be around her and enjoy her company!"

Stacey Meyer

Director of Culinary Content/Chef, Relevant Studios, LLC & Reily Foods Company

"Sarah is a great listener, she’s empathetic and has a good sense of humor! I think that these characteristics lend themselves perfectly to her consultation-based business model because she is approachable and so people feel comfortable sharing their insecurities with her."

Amy Johnston 

Partner + Director of Operations, Public Content

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