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I'm a skincare junkie, a beauty professional, and a woman who's achieved 47 years of living! I say all this because I'm also a woman that rarely if ever wears foundation, and yet this hybrid product has won me over. The Kosas line packs beneficial powerhouse skincare actives into all of their complexion products and it makes all the difference. The finish is natural and radiant, it looks like your skin, just better. I take excellent care of my skin, so I don't need coverage per se, but still, I can appreciate when a product evens things out without looking or feeling heavy. This foundation reads more like a CC cream. I use just a tiny half pump and stipple it on with a Beauty Blender and voila, complexion perfection. I'll definitely be keeping this beautiful skin veil in my rotation for when I want to sport skin that beckons for all the compliments!

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