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Stay Flawless on the Go: Top Waterproof Foundation Picks for Summer Travel

You asked for recommendations to pack for your summertime vacations. Here's a short list of picks for a variety of skin types, concerns, and preferences!

It's available at both Sephora and Ulta and comes in a variety of shades. This is an ideal product for travel to any climate because it is an all-in-one antiaging formulation - foundation, moisturizer, serum, and SPF 40. One product to knock out a number of needs - BOOM, less to pack! The added higher spf is great for trips involving outdoor excursions/activities, and water sports. It's also moisturizing, which is beneficial because skin tends to get dehydrated when exposed to different weather conditions, water, and air travel. The coverage is adjustable from sheer to full. And, of course, it is waterproof.

It's available at Sephora and comes in a variety of shades. This is a full-coverage, long-wearing (24hrs), oil-absorbing formula that still manages to feel lightweight. The formula is also transfer-resistant, sweatproof, and waterproof - so you can set it and forget it. It's great for traveling long distances, particularly during these hotter summer months, because it won't budge, and your complexion stays perfected. The tube is plastic and the lid stays closed, so no messes in your bag. This is a professional coverage pick and it performs like one.

It's available at Sephora and comes in a wide range of shades. It provides a natural, skin-like finish and the coverage is totally customizable from sheer to full. This stick will take you from day to night activities - think buildable & adjustable. The formula is waterproof, transfer, sweat, and humidity-resistant making it perfect for travel to tropical locations, or any getaway involving outdoor activities. The packaging is perfect for tossing in your bag because it's in solid form - portable, convenient, and super packable (don't worry about having to check it, air pressure causing leakage, glass breaking, etc). Swipe it on a blend using a sponge, or your fingertips in a pinch.

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