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Let the edit begin: Indie Lee Restorative Eye Cream

This eye cream quickly rose to the top of the ranks to be included in my roundup of favorite eye area treatments! After many years of experimenting haphazardly with retinol-infused anti-aging eye products, I've finally found a few that I can tolerate and I'm basking in the afterglow of their many benefits. Still, this newfound love affair is not without its challenges, as thethin/delicate skin around my eyes has become quite dehydrated (typical with retinoid usage), even as its texture and overall skin quality have improved dramatically. I've said bye-bye to the dull-looking skin around my eyes and hello to smoother, brighter, and absolutely more nourished lids with this $68 eye treatment from Indie Lee. The Restorative Eye Cream was a 2021 Allure Best of Beauty Winner and now I can truly see why. Here are a handful of reasons why I've fallen for this clean beauty favorite. First of all, it provides an instant boost of long-lasting hydration to my upper and lower lids, leaving them both feeling supple and comfy, and balanced. Next up, the list of powerful yet (99% natural origin) ingredients, including Vitamin E, Seaweed Extract,

Licorice Root Extract, Mango Seed Butter, Apple Stem Cells, and plant-based Squalane - they all work together to tackle a myriad of eye-area concerns such as wrinkles, fine lines elasticity, under eye discoloration and DEEP HYDRATION. This also means that my under-eye concealer beautifully layers atop it. I also really appreciate that, unlike most natural products, this one does not contain essential oils, which almost always result in irritation when added to skincare meant for the eye area. Another fun fact - the product is housed in an airless pump bottle - I love this not only for its sanitary means of dispensing but also because it uses a mechanical pump without a straw to push the product forth, which means no eye cream gets wasted. And last, but certainly not least - I just love the lightweight and cheerful coral-colored packaging, such a welcome break from my more clinical-looking pots, tubes, and pumps littering my countertop and cabinets (yet no less impactful)! It's pretty and playful, which always beckons me to reach for it. And so I do.

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